Win streak ended. Looks like another losing streak is going to begin! 

About to make it 5 games. Idiot teammates and a few of my own errors. It is not my night. 

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Swimming’s going well! I’ve gotten a bit too lean, so I need to get trunks where I can tighten up. 

Running is going well, too. I got my mile and a half time just under 10 minutes at about 9:50. I’ll work on getting it way under. 

Lately I’ve been contemplating bear crawling everywhere. That might be a bit weird, but oh well. 

Don’t quit!

Don’t quit!

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Results show, but they’re very subtle.

I finally got my mile and a half time under ten minutes! 

Keep working! You can do it!

Navy SEAL core workout. This one is fun!

Hi all!

Sorry I haven’t been blogging much. I’ll try to keep my updates up more often. 

The good news is I’ve lost quite a lot of weight, and the results have been noticeable. This has, oddly enough, led to quite an awkward moment at the pool. To begin my swim, I kick start off the wall and glide a few distances before I begin my strokes. However, I pushed off the wall maybe a bit too hard and as a result my trunks, which now fit a bit too loosely, nearly came flying off! 

If you keep working, the results will pay off! In the mean time, keep at it and stay safe!


I remember some 6 months ago I could barely do any pull ups. Now I can manage 10! Getting in shape doesn’t happen all at once. You fall down, you fail, and things go wrong, but you have to get back up and keep going if you want to see results. 

I’ve also been eating better, which includes cooking my own food and what not. I’ve lost two inches off my waist! I’ve been feeling much better and much more energetic. 

I hope you, my dear followers, are also working hard towards your goals, whatever they may be. 

So far, I’ve worked hard for months and I can see progress in not only my fitness, but in how my body looks too. Honestly, I do need to watch more of what I eat. It’s a bit difficult now that I’ve moved back in with my family, but I’ve began cooking more, so it should be a lot easier for not only me to eat healthier, but my family as well. 

I hope your working out is… Working out… Going well, I could also say. Keep at it. You can do it. 

I did 300 air squats yesterday. My thighs are on fire. 


The Cristiano Ronaldo work-out sort of sneaks up on you. After finishing it, I feel like I could do it again. Then I wake up and my whole body is on fire. 

But being sore is an oh so satisfying feeling!

Right now, I’ve added in wider grip pull ups. Apparently they really isolate those back muscles. They’re also incredibly tough. Still quite fun, though.